I am excited to announce new changes coming to my room this academic year!

This will be year three for Flexible Seating, I still teach fifth grade, and love the concept.

With this, I have developed a new mindset as well. This mindset is towards teaching philosophy, classroom management, and student engagement. I plan on sharing this as well.

I was blessed with an opportunity to take Flexible Seating/ High Impact Learning to the next level and that meant the start of many changes! My classroom will be a model classroom for high-impact seating, for my school district.

Let me preference this by saying the process has taken 8 months! Between deep and rich discussions, designing, looking at furniture, colors, measuring, redesigning, changing options, looking at the current use of wall space and changing that as well; has all lead to a new space! It wasn’t easy and at times was quite challenging, to be honest! The sky is what you wish for but not always possible!

Part of my vision included not only the furniture (usually our first thoughts for high-impact learning) but the wall usage and storage as well. I wanted the room to work as a Math and Science focus; that meant even the boards needed to be different. This approach hadn’t been achieved before and was a unique challenge! We aren’t quite where I want it to be and “see it” in my mind, but we will get there!


ALL furniture in my room is being replaced!

ALL wall hangings (boards…) are being replaced!

ALL four walls have been repainted! I have one accent wall: green!

My new classroom colors: blue and green with purple as accent colors (for a pop of color).

These photos show the wall boards and the walls I intend to have them mounted on. You can see a bit of the green accent wall: this wall has windows and looks out into the parking lot. The green will bring in the outside; with the huge trees we have.

The blue and green large boards are glass magnetic bulletin boards. The projection surface is gray instead of white, for the LCD projector. I am varying the height levels and shapes of the boards for a change up as well. I call this “functional wall art”. A new term I am coining! Why not let the wall space become functional as well as visually appealing to look at! Who says all bulletin boards and dry-erase boards have to be white and at the same eye level? Why not make it work for the kids and be fun to look at, at the same time?

I will have the following elements in my classroom:

-A “Genius Bar”     – An interactive technology station     -Flexible and movable furniture

– Places to work individually, in pairs, small groups, or whole class

– Comfortable and varied seating options (low, middle and high)

-Easy access to storage/materials for both teacher and student

-A “minimalist” looking environment. No extra “visual pollution” in the room. Everything is purposeful and student oriented.

-WiFi for me (laptop wireless connected to the doc camera and LCD projector)

-WiFi connections for students (to the LCD projector as well as the interactive tech station, for 5 students, with a large monitor they can wirelessly connect to, to collaborate).

-Specific and purposeful use of color, design, space

I was lucky to redesign the entire room including furniture options, colors, fabrics. This also meant the wall hangings.

I will share more this month (July) and August, as the furniture is scheduled to arrive July 13th! I will take photos of the process and placement of everything. Also to be posted is my ever-changing philosophy of education and how this will look in my classroom

So won’t you come along for the exciting educational ride with me?

If you wish to reach me via another way, I can be reached at my school email:




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