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Student Seating: Choice and Comfort


Are your students comfortable and engaged in their learning? Do they sit where they want as long as they are on task? Are they working with others in small groups, huddled together?

My students have learned from many class discussions and creations of class expectation anchor charts, how to work in comfy chairs with their choice of work partners and they are loving it.

Students move furniture around as they need to, owning the classroom’s physical space. They are comfy and enjoy the room and I do too.

This didn’t happen overnight and the need to repeat expectations and sometimes move students to other areas of the room when many attempts to stay on task didn’t work, still makes for a successful learning environment that the students and I love walking into and working with.

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A flexible seating environment gives students greater voice and choice in their learning seating and location and work partners. As long as clear expectations are given, along with patience, students can and most often succeed and thrive in this type of environment.

The room becomes “ours” not “the teacher’s” even when I have to move students for independent work or testing, small group teacher time, or specific seating arrangements for a specific task; those times are not every day and all day. Our flexible seating classroom is almost every day, all day. Student voice and choice make a huge difference in their commitment to learning.

If you would love to know more or have questions and want support, I can be reached in my blog.

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