We all know what this word is, even without seeing the last letter.

We know what this means and I would bet we each have a slightly different definition and understanding what it takes to do this in our daily lives and under certain circumstances.

Each of us has experienced times in our teaching and personal lives which called for work and determination. Whether it was a test to pass to obtain our degrees, support our students in small groups to understand division, run another 12 miles until we reach the finish line of the race, sit during our lunch hour with several kiddos who need help working through their friendship troubles. All call for an effort and determination to achieve the goal or task.

I would ask if our students truly understand this word and what it means in their own lives?

To achieve…

What qualities are mentally necessary to reach a goal? What actions are necessary to celebrate success?  Does this change with each different task, struggle, or challenge or does it matter?

These questions and students’ thoughts reveal much about our inner values.

It would be a great discussion and self-journal reflection to investigate with your students. Take the leap and see what they can ACHIEVE in their thinking!



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