Puzzle : Seeing things more clearly

Determination and time…

Several weeks into this puzzle and it is not easier to see each piece and its special place in the whole.

This took time! Determination, stamina, grit, patience. You name it and I needed it!

We could all learn these lessons if we each had time to solve a puzzle.

Whether you teach, have taught, or will soon start in this noble profession, consider a puzzle in your room. All these skills and traits come to surface without even realizing it.

The puzzle is almost complete. The sky and trees are all that is left. I can breathe easier now, knowing I have stuck with the task.

Our students should also feel this as well, even if they aren’t solving a puzzle you’ve placed in your room. I would encourage a puzzle though! Fun times and a reason to celebrate as a class, even if some found only one piece: they were all part of the whole effort.


What will your puzzle be?

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