Geometry in Nature Photo Project

8ed33f2f-a5e4-4b87-937f-155bef1ecb3cDon’t we all want our students t to be engaged in their learning….taking the project or assignment further than the expected, eager to learn and show more?

I decided several years ago to challenge my students while learning Geometry. There’s nothing like having to remember the complicated shapes such as Acute Isosceles triangle or a Pentagonal Rhombus besides the traditional hexagons and trapezoids. I needed to help them remember the unusual shapes in a fun way. That’s when I decided to go to the great outdoors for support and inspiration!

Students and I trekked outdoors to walk around the building and to the nearby park, taking photos with their laptop cameras of geometric shapes and structures we had been studying. The photos would later be collected and created into individual slide show presentations complete with music to reflect moods and explanations.

The finished products astonished me! Many went above the expected guidelines, adding additional examples of various shapes they found. Some were more difficult to find than others and they quickly supported each other on these. Trying to find a pentagon in nature or in architecture is difficult!

Using the outdoors as a lab is a wonderful opportunity to take kids out and explore!


What shapes can you find in the light reflections on my photo?


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