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Welcome to Coffeeshop Classroom!

I don’t know if you are like me, but there is nothing as comforting as walking into a coffeeshop, ordering my favorite tea drink, and finding a spot to relax and unwind or wait for a friend to join me.

Seating is utmost in my mind, once I have my drink. I want to be comfortable, focused. Some days that means a straight back chair at a table if I need to stay focused and work, spreading out my things. Sometimes I need a soft and cushy chair to be by myself and my own thoughts. Sometimes, it must be the couch in the far corner of the place where my friend and I can visit, holding onto our beverages or setting them on the coffee table in front of us.

I believe classrooms should be this way too: inviting, relaxing, providing opportunities and unique venues or areas to sit in and work.  Places for students to be themselves , in pairs, triads, or small group, solving complex math problems, completing  science experiment, or writing an essay. Being comfortable allows us as creatures of habit, to function at our best.

Thus I began my journey last year (2016-2017) into what is known as flexible seating. It was an interesting process. I learned so much and discovered along the way it is a way of thinking and teaching, not just learning. It doesn’t work for everyone yet is what probably most of us believe would be best for kids. When I consider how I feel, when I walk into a coffee shop, I know my students feel the same way when they walk into our classroom.

SO I begin YEAR 2 of flexible seating.

Come along and join me for the journey.  Share with me your process and transformation.